Kings of Digital – Affiliated with the Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table

This site is support for the Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table held every Thursday at 1900 hrs Pacific Time. Mike N6HKH is Net Control.

The Thursday Night D-STAR Round Table Forum is at

D-STAR Round Table has moved to X Reflectors. To participate, you may connect to any one of the linked X Reflectors: XRF002A, XRF310A, XRF555A. Same time, same day, Thursday at 2000 hrs PT. Recent dashboard and host file change for XRF002:

To link: URCALL XRF002AL or 310 or 555. Tutorial on reflectors, including linking: Reflection on Reflectors — a guide to DSTAR reflectors | The W6KD Forum

Broadcastify feed of the Round Table is available at: …. Podcasts: